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From the beginning of the year 2005, The International Wild Animal and Plant Protection Organization in Viet Nam has announced the first publish tourist ecological map after two years in researching and designing. The map was introduced to visitors and sold to travel agent companies and bookshops with its cost 20.000 VND.

A picture taken with its beautiful nature and animal instinct in Viet Nam has been shown besides, the map also indicates location of the international parks and preservation areas in together with each of animals and plant of each region. The map also directs how to recognize and instructs responsibility of the ecological tourist and so on… By the occasion of this event, an official of The International co-operation board of the Head of Tourism Department made a speech "Ecological tourism is the key industry and this model will contribute to enhance the sense of responsibility of the people and areas".

Besides, the government has launched the specific development solutions especially in the stragedy in developing ecological tourism at the preservation area in the 21st century such as carrying on building the financial budget to the business operation of ecological tourism, balancing the benefit of social economic by exploring tourism with its preservation, developing the environmental nature, the profit of local regions.

In the background, since the Eco-Tour company was in operation on last Sept 2005, we have determined a direction to develop. It is “Going together with Ecological tourism”.

Though, it is a quite small and new model at Quang Nam province in general and Hoi An in particular, however, The Authority of Quang Nam province has agreed to license to 2 big ecological tourism projects in Hoi An town at the location: Cua Dai River and Cu Lao Cham Island have been a great motivation for Hoi An Eco-Tour to reinforce its sense of confidence and to firm with its choice.

Throughout the 3 years in operation and development such as: Early Fisherman Sunrise Tour, Sunset Tour, A Day As A Fisherman, A Day As A Farmer, Water Coconut Paradise Tour, The Full Moon Candle Festival On The River, Hoi An Eco-Tour has been very pleased to welcome and serve with over 1000 foreigners and 200 hundred of the domestic guests. We have been trying to develop and enrich our services with Basket Boat dancing competition, Basket Boat racing competition, crab catching competition, introducing the domestic and abroad guests not only the beauty of the landscape as well as the beauty of the culture and the soul of Hoi Anese people but also helped them to understand about the daily life activities, the way of living of the fisherman, farmer of Hoi An town during the operation of our tours. Besides, we serve our guests with our criterion, the total guest satisfaction is our success of Hoi An Eco-Tour or Your satisfaction, is our success.

We also expect our guests to obey strictly the regulation how to protect and preserve the local environment where they were going to visit. In addition in with that, we also organize for all members of a mass organization as the staff of Hoi An Eco-Tour, local people to carry out collecting garbage’s, clearing disposes on the way to The Water Coconut Palm Paradise, buying and letting all the animals like birds, fish, crab back to The Water Coconut Palm trees where they were hunted by thelocal people and we have also focused tourist feedbacks on our tour operation so that we will assure that we can offer our guest with better service quality.

However, with our evaluation, the way of Hoi An Eco-Tour environment protection is quite monotonous and limited due to lack of synchronous ness. The procedure is very simple to fulfill. Deeply thinking in order to "catch up with" the inclination in development to the particular in Hoi An Eco-Tour and tourist model in Hoi An town - Quang Nam province in the future with its stable development, we have just drawn out our action for the environment and will be estimated to be submitted tothe local Authority very soon. After laying down as a policy of the government agreement, Hoi An Eco-Tour will quickly take our action and turn it into our criterions to operate and develop, in accordance with works which Hoi An Eco-Tour do will be estimated to carry out in the future as follows:

  1. By placing The Hoi An Eco-Tour garbage box along the riverside where of local people living that Eco-Tour operates tours. Also, we will canvass the local people to sense their responsibility to protect their living environment.
  2. Organizing to collect the regulated garbage’s on every certain week and classifies the type of garbage source according to the regulation of the region.
  3. In co-operation with Hoi An Environmental Company to take and process garbage &, disposes based on the regulation.
  4. In conjunction with members of mass organizations to organize the date for the "Hoi An GREEN & CLEAR NICE" sponsored by Hoi An Eco-Tour
  5. Co-operation with all member of youth organizations in Hoi An to respond warmly with clearing strategies, preserving and protecting the local environmental areas.
  6. Every year, Hoi An Eco-Tour will have specific schedule to respond warmly & "The World Environmental Day". Simultaneously, changing the actives in participation to protect the environment into the criterion to aid money for the local people throughout the raising Fund Budget from tourists and benefit from Hoi An Eco-Tour. This money will be both used to be offered to the village and building the public village restroom or it depends on particular situations whose family has that Hoi An Eco-Tour will consider and do it.

Besides the above mentioned matters, helping and creating work for the local people will be an important part which Hoi An Eco-Tour was, is and will, thinking about to make their stable living better. In each of our development period and in the particular operation, we will settle out every specific schedule, detail to guarantee for our plan done well.

We will take action for the living environment so that we can gain our business environment effective. Especially more than that we understand that preserving and developing the local environment well, will be the factor which determined to our exist and sustainable development for our Hoi An Eco-tour.
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