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Cindy and Alvin ( Singapore )
The best thing about Eco-tour is that it is unpretentious, it is honest and sincere. That is its main and strong charm because the tour is always intimate and personal.

Amanda & Sarah ( Melbourne, Australia )
The Eco-Tour has been absolutely fantastic!! A truly amazing experience and beautiful 5 course meal. The services are first class and almost feel like part of the family. It is a unique experience and something we will take back to Australia and tell our family and friends.

Thank you all for such a wonderful afternoon! Your warmth and hospitality will be remembered. Good luck with the future of the family business and the new baby
Best wishes,

Matt and Nareeda Collings ( Australia )
Thank you so much for a great day. Really fun to pull in the fishing net and learn how to row on the basket boat. Your whole family is so friendly. The ride through the water coconut palm canal paradise were so beautiful and the information you told us about the Viet Nam was so interesting. We had the best time and great spring rolls !!!
Thank you so much

Dawn Hill ( USA )
How wonderful and informative and totally enjoyable your fishing tour was. We learned a lot about fishing techniques and your lives. I was amazed at how elaborate and tasty your lunch was. Who would expect a Five - course meal on a little boat?!

Bettina ( Zurich , Switzerland )
An amazing and fantastic experience, no one should miss! Friendly and kind people, some of the best Vietnamese seafood we have ever had and a sunrise we will never forget. Well done and many thanks to Mr.Khoa and his family.

Thank you so much for the wonderful memories you gave us and I am happy to meet such an entrepreneurial Vietnamese man.

Russ Taylor ( U.K )
An excellent experience being a Hoi An Fisherman for a few minutes makes you appreciate how hard their simple, peaceful and idyllic life really is. This Eco-tour should be a MUST see and do in any Vietnamese holiday. Full marks for a great and personal touch tour.

Best wishes and best of luck for the future.

Judith Heudesen ( Canada )
Thank you for excellent tour of the Hoi An river system. It was very interesting to learn how the Viet Cong used the canal during their fight against The Americans. The idea of Eco-tour is brilliant and you are to be congratulated on make efforts to help Hoi An well into the Future.
Good luck

Jim Friedberg ( Dallas, Texas USA )
This is our favorite tour and the very best meal in Viet Nam. The Eco-tour gives a beautiful relaxing view for everyday fishing life, some of beauty of the wildness and interesting explanation of life in Viet Nam. Thank you for sharing your dream, your warm and friendly family and the peaceful tour. We would recommend this tour to everyone.

Stacey ( San Diego, CA USA )
We took the sunrise tour – very beautiful and fascinating about the fishing. It is run by a lovely family, definitely worth the little extra money it cost. I highly recommend this fabulous eco-tour!

Jochem ( Amsterdam Holland )
We had a really lovely morning on the ocean learned fishing as learned how Vietnamese people fish which is so different from the way we live in Holland. We caught a lot of crabs and we had a nice competition.

Thank you very much for a lovely tour and the great lunch. It was delicious! We will surely recommend friends from Holland to take the same tour. Many thanks,

Giang Nguyen Jensen ( Denmark Viet Nam Travels )
If I had a chance, I would elect you as Minister of Environment. I am always by your side to protect the environment in Viet Nam especially in Hoi An. I will do my best ... and will send as many Danish tourists to Hoi An Eco-tour as possible.
Well done!

Collean ( Melbourne, Australia )
We had so much fun and learnt so much and enjoyed the Eco-tour company. The tour to the water palm canal paradise was very interesting and we learned a lot about the Viet Nam War and the people now. Khoa explained to us how the family is working with the local community to improve the environment and keep it clean.

Jack son ( London, England )
What a fantastic experience! We enjoyed the fishing tour and palm coconut paradise every minute. This is a place to be for whose who would love to spend their honeymoon or expect to have a unique fun in Hoi town. You must love it. Come and see Khoa and his family and help him more how he has tried his best to improve the environment for Hoi An better for the future.

Mirabelle & Jocques ( France )
What a unique experience this was,  never before had we had this much fun on a tour before.  We took the River Fisherman Tour, had a blast. Highly recommend your tour company to our friends that will be traveling to Hoi An.

Brunhilda & Karl ( Germany )<
So much fun, wish we had more time to enjoy all the tours. We did 3 tours over 3 days so much fun. Best holiday in 4 years

Susan & Mike ( New York, USA )
Unbelievable experience, we did two tours Farmer Tour & Water Palm Paradise Tour.  We laughed so hard with each other, we will never forget the fun we had.

Emma & Paul ( Austrailia )
This is our 3rd time to Hoi An, first time with your company. We had a blast, my husband still cannot get over the look on my face when I was doing the farmer tour. We are recommending your company to our friends that will becoming to Hoi An.

Berlinda & Tarron
We had some much fun, although are time was short in Hoi An and could only do the Water Palm Coconut Tour. On our next trip back we will do all the tours.

Mary & Andrew M'Niece ( Gold Coast, Queensland Australia )
We had a wonderful day on Khoa's Eco-tour. His mother makes the best seafood I have ever tasted. We had a fabulous insight into the traditional life on water in Hoi An. It's great to see a Tour operator with such enthusiasm for his local environment. I would highly recommend his tour to anyone.

Sakke Lemine( Finland )
I have taken twice Mr. Khoa's tour to the water palm jungle. It was so beautiful and interesting. The food on board was really great. Also the restaurant is very nice and the food is great. In the restaurant there is also a "big" cat who knows how to count. I will never forget the holidays in Hoi An and Mr. Khoa 's great family.

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