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Dear Valued Guests,
Would you like a peaceful relaxing boat ride inside at The Coconut Water Palm Paradise?
Do you wish to feel like as a Vietnamese Farmer at the beautiful vegetable village?
Would you love to observe the sunrise in the early morning with the fisherman from the sea?
How about some fun and excitement with the "Thung Chai", Basket Boat or Round Boat as it known as?


Yes, Hoi An Eco-tour - "A unique cultural window into The Vietnamese way of life" will help you to understand more about the daily life of the locals. The local Vietnamese people who are always friendly, open - minded and so hospitable throughout the daily life of their work there. What's important is that you will be able to take part in it. The hands-on experience will be fun and enjoying, located on near the Estuary between the charming Cua Dai Sea and Hoi An River, 5 km away from the Hoi An old town and distance beach 2km, The Coconut Water Palm Paradise is such a fantastic place and peacefulness for you to come exploring and relax.

During the war between Viet Nam and America before 1975, this was the place where the brave and clever Northern Army soldiers hid hemselves
famously inside the very large Coconut Water Palm Canal to have fought against the American & Southern troops. Let us help you with Hoi An Eco-tour to explore The Water Palm Coconut Canal Paradise with very unique round boat or basket boat locally named "Thung Chai" to see charming beauty of The Eco Coconut Water Palm Paradise, where there are many interesting stories to hear about and see the people who were involved in the past war.

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